A place to address sexual questions and difficulties

When should we seek therapy ?

Your sexual life and your relationship is troubled by :

  • a breakdown in your sexual relationship
  • a loss of sexual desire
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • arousal disorders
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature or delayed ejaculation

First sessions will enable us to talk about your diffculties and about the most appropriate way to help.

You can come as a couple or on your own.

As a couple therapist trained in sexual and psychosexual therapy,I consider that it is best to treat sexual problems withinin the context of the relationship, and taking into consideration the history and psychosexual development of the patient.

How can sexual therapy help ?

To talk about sexuality or problems in this area can be difficult. To be able to discuss with a professionnal therapist already brings relief and can have a positive impact on one’s sexual life. Sometimes, depending on the symptom, I would recommend a specific treatment.

Based on my assesment of your difficulties and needs, we’ll discuss the most appropriate treatment and if necessary, I will refer you to other professionnals.

How long will I need therapy ?

Sometimes a few sessions allows the couple to understand that the problem is linked to life circumstances: stress, illness, conflicts in their relationship, professional or family difficulties, recent death. These sessions will help the couple to resolve their problem. In other cases, there are more complex difficulties involved, needing a longer therapy.

What is sexology ?

Sexology covers several areas, from the study of sexuality to different forms of therapy, called sexotherapy.

The approaches that I use are psychonalysis and psychodynamic therapy. These approaches  presume that sexual difficulties can have their origin in the subconscious and that in order to treat a sexual problem,  you must first consider the history and sexual development of the affected person.

Physalis mouillé

As a relationship counsellor and a couple therapist, I’m also trained in :

  • helping parents to look into their  difficulties around the birth of a child.
  • addressing issues around sexuality in the framework of sexoanalysis therapy.
  • helping parents and families in their  difficulties, whether they are living together, separated, divorced or in blended families.
  • supporting parents in a separation process to help them maintain a positive dialogue for their children.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

My practice is inclusive, non- discriminatory and culturally sensitive

Fees :

  • 150.- for one consultation of 60′
  • Paiement at the end of the session
  • Sessions must be cancelled 48 hours before

Take the first step and make an appointment. You will be be welcomed with discretion, understanding and competence.