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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do to save our relationship?

The first step is to take the time to find a safe place to address your difficulties with a neutral and non-judgmental professional. This will enable you to take a step back, help you to understand each other better, improve your communication.

When should we seek therapy ?

  • when you feel a need to evaluate your current relationship
  • when you feel unsatisfied with your relationship
  • when you are considering separation or divorce
  • when arguments become more frequent and more violent
  • when you have communication problems
  • when you face problems linked to the birth of a child
  • when you have conflicts regarding the eduaction of your children
  • when you have conflicts regarding sharing house chores
  • when you have arguments regarding money
  • when you have sexual difficulties
  • when there is an affair
  • when there are difficulties with the extended family
  • when there are conflicts regarding cultural differences
  • when going through changes at different stages in your life : engagement, living together, birth of a child, children leaving home, parenting, teenagers, retirement
  • when you have to face difficult situations : sickness, death in the family, unemployment, other work related stress
  • when there is violence in the relationship

We are a homosexual couple. Can you help us ?

Yes, couple’s sessions are available for married or unmarried couples, straight or gay couples. The sessions permit a psychological approach to relationship issues.

Are sessions with children available ?

Children are only included in sessions when the issues involve the whole familiy. For couple’s therapy it is best that the session be exclusively reserved for the couple.

There is violence in our relationship. What can we do ?

Don’t hesitate to talk about it directly with the appropriate services, if you can.

I can nonetheless meet with you to assess the situation and advise you on what steps to take.

We have decided to separate. Can therapy help ?

Yes, couple therapy will help you to better clarify your decision. Discussing your separation will help you to:

  • make this decision in a more thoughtful manner
  • better address the issues of separation: living arrangements, financial issues, divorce procedures, parental authority, child support and visiting rights.

Couple counselling or mediation ?

Couple counselling is a psychological process that strives to resolve relationship difficulties. Dialoging in a confidential and neutral place eases conflict resolution, before or after separation.
Mediation is a process of negotiation that generally addresses couples that have decided to separate. The objective is to organise the future, reaching a long-lasting and acceptable agreement concerning the issues of separation : living arrangements, financial issues, divorce procedures, parental authority, child support and visiting rights.

What are the office hours ?

Sessions are held outside normal workday hours. It’s possible to make an appointment early in the morning, at lunch time or after work.

What are the fees for a session ?

  • Individual and couple sessions : 150.- for 60’


Physalis mouillé

As a relationship counsellor and a couple therapist, I’m also trained in :

  • helping parents to look into their  difficulties around the birth of a child.
  • addressing issues around sexuality in the framework of sexoanalysis therapy.
  • helping parents and families in their  difficulties, whether they are living together, separated, divorced or in blended families.
  • supporting parents in a separation process to help them maintain a positive dialogue for their children.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

My practice is inclusive, non- discriminatory and culturally sensitive

Fees :

  • 150.- for one consultation of 60′
  • Paiement at the end of the session
  • Sessions must be cancelled 48 hours before

Take the first step and make an appointment. You will be be welcomed with discretion, understanding and competence.