Conflicts can be resolved !

Couple counselling opens-up a safe place for dialogue. It offers a confidential and non-judgmental environment that allows couples to better understand each other and helps them to deal with crises in their relationship.

This counselling is for couples, married or not, straight or homosexual. Individual sessions are also available for those who have questions about their love life or relationships.

Careful listening is an essential skill for a therapist, along with thorough professionnal training in the field of couple and family therapy.

Depending on your situation, we will decide what would be most helpful for you. I offer sessions for individuals and couples.

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Couple therapy

What is it for ?

Are you looking for help with your partner or family ?

Do you need help to overcome a crisis ?

Would you like to talk about your sexual life ?

You are in the right place !

How does it work ?

Questions & Answers

What can we do to save our relationship?

When should we seek therapy?

We are thinking about separating…

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The couple's manual

Simple advice

  • opening-up dialogue
  • improving communication
  • creating an enriching relationship
  • News and books