Couple therapy

Couple therapy provides a safe place for dialogue. It enables couples to overcome crises that can happen at different times in their relationship.


Couple therapy  will help you to :


  • understand what happens in your relationship
  • deal with conflicts
  • facilitate decision making
  • restore an enriching and fulfilling relationship
  • deal with sexual issues
  • get through changes at different stages in your life : engagement, living together, birth of a child, children leaving home, parenting, teenagers, retirement
  • overcome difficult situations : illness, death in the family, unemployment, other work related stress

We can also talk about:

  • separation or divorce
  • Parenting together
  • Children's education
  • Life as a single parent or within a blended family

Psychosexual therapy will help you to :

- understand unconscious conflicts linked with sexual problems such as :

  • breakdown in a couple's sexual relationship
  • loss of sexual desire
  • painful intercourse
  • difficulties with orgasm
  • arousal disorders
  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature or delayed ejaculation

- find increased sexual satisfaction



Family sessions provide a forum that enables each family member to mature and grow within the family unit.

  • separation or divorce
  • co-parenting
  • children's education
  • life as a single parent or in a blended family

The first session

The first session allows an initial consultation with no further obligation required.  We can discuss your issues and decide whether or not to initiate couple therapy.  Depending on your issues and schedule, we will decide together how best to continue your therapy.  

Consultations, including the first hour, are paid at the end of each session.

How many sessions ?

After the first session, I will usually propose a series of additional weekly sessions.  This allows us to explore your difficulties as a couple.  It is at times recommended that the sessions continue beyond the initial series in order to provide further support. We can then agree on the frequency of the therapy going forward.

Should I come alone or with my partner ?

You are welcome to come on your own to the first session. In case we decide that a couple therapy would be appropriate for your situation, your partner will also have the opportunity to come for an individual session before we begin joint sessions.

You can also have individual sessions to address issues concerning your life in a couple, your sexuality or your parental responsabilities (raising your children, single parenting, or blended family).

What are my therapeutic approaches?






Several approaches enable me to work with a couple :

Systemic approach : allows a couple to understand what defines their relationship and their identity as a couple. 

Psychodynamic approach : allows a couple to become more aware of the  conscious and unconscious interactions within their relationship.

Rogerian approach : allows for an active and empathetic understanding of the crisis that the couple is going through. 


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